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The following productions are available for booking : A Night Of Comedy And Music....The Lee Jay Nelson Show....

"A Night of Comedy and Music"

Lee Jay's One-Man Show

Lee Jay Nelson

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Both shows provide music from the Big Band Era to Disco, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow and many more!! Email Lee Jay for more information on either of these shows!
"Broadway Cabaret"

produced by Lee Jay Nelson


When It Is A Lee Jay Nelson Production, You Must Come To The Cabaret

-by Fran Schattenberg

Lee Jay Nelson's Broadway Cabaret production on February 17 was another entertainment treat for the full house Point Brittany Audience in the clubhouse ballroom. A thoroughly professional production, Lee Jay programmed an audience-pleasing variety of 16 show tunes from the tried-and-true to contemporary Broadway. He was joined on-stage by three other professional singers: Scott Greenberg, Elizabeth Wilkerson (Lee Jay's Sister) and Margaret Victor. Not only did Lee Jay include other singers, but his program was an eclectic mix of standards, novelty, dramatic and folk music. His cast featured the strong baritone-tenor of Scott Greenberg, the "perky" interpretation of Elizabeth Wilkerson, and the talented voicing and harmony of Margaret Victor. Sitting at the back, you could see the jam-packed audience members swaying, bouncing, clapping, laughing, even mesmerized with some of Lee Jay's selections, as they reacted to his programming.

This production, Broadway Cabaret, was a joy to listen to, and continued in the Lee Jay Nelson tradition of professional entertainment that we are fortunate to have available here in Point Brittany. Don't miss his next one.

A four member cast production, this is a night of Broadway Music from your favorite Broadway Shows!


Jimmy And Lee Jay Nelson Bring Back The Glory Days In "Cabaret & Memories Show"

- by Fran Schattenberg

When it seems that the contemporary entertainment world has drowned in plastic performers and blue jeans, occasionally the public is privileged to hear and see professionals who can interpret and convey the essence of their craft. In a first time for two lifetimes of professional performing, father Jimmy and son Lee Jay Nelson appeared together in a cabaret show that would have been appropriate for any major theatrical venue. But Point Brittany was privileged to enjoy a cabaret show produced by Lee Jay Nelson on Thursday, February 23. Lee Jay has some heavy ammunition to bring to the stage since his father, Jimmy has been performing as a ventrioloquist since the late 1940's, and Lee Jay has been in performing and producing his entire life. Definitely not amateur night. The format was a smooth transition from eight vocals and comments by Lee Jay for the first half of the show; followed his father Jimmy and his routines with his puppets, Danny O'Day and Farfel the Dog, as well as some valuable TV clips from the early days of TV showing Jimmy's performances. The finale was a duet by father and son, ending with a stunning rendition of "America" by Lee Jay...

The TV clips were a touch of class going far beyond historical interest to give us an idea of what this sort of comic intelligence can generate. Getting eight people on stage to do the "Do Re Me" was an audience favorite as well as showing off what Jimmy can do with his voice...

Everything was perfect as a final tribute to not only the performers, but their appreciation of this country. Thanks for the memories Jimmy and Lee Jay.