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Here are a few testimonials from some letters Lee Jay has received from group leaders and people who have been in his Loose As A Goose program:

Dorothy Bedson, group leader Leisure Club of Mineola, New York...

"One of the best highlights of our trip to the Pocono Mountains is your exercise class."

Elizabeth Dettor, group leader Friendly Travelers Baltimore, Maryland...

"The music and the laughs were so much fun, you forgot you were exercising."

Jan Carlino, Bayside, New York...

"Who knew exercising could be so much fun, I could do this everyday."

Chris Kubeck, Wayne, New Jersey...

"I hate to exercise but this program made me feel great! And to think I was exercising in a chair."

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Lee Jay Nelson's DVD is now available for purchase!

LOOSE AS A GOOSE features an amazing low impact chair aerobics program featuring Lee Jay Nelson! Developed for senior citizens, it combines stretching exercises, a lot of laughing, and calisthenics with music that energizes you and makes working out fun while enhancing your cardiovascular health --and you never have to leave your chair!

Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.

This DVD is available for $15.00 and a shipping & handling fee of $3.50

To purchase, make your check or money order for the amount of $18.50 payable to

Lee Jay Nelson
4900 Brittany Drive South
# 1705
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33715

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"LOOSE AS A GOOSE" Chair Aerobics is the newest national chair aerobics program designed as a low impact cardiovascular workout without putting strain on the joints or bones. This chair aerobic session includes kicks, punches, arm and leg stretches all in sync with floor stomping music. Sitting down to exercise may sound silly, but exercise doesn't have to mean going out jogging or working out in a gym. The workouts are real and so are the benefits for your cardiovascular system, better heart function, lower blood pressure, increased circulation and heightened alertness, not to mention toning muscles in the rest of your body needed for everyday functional movements, including posture control and stretches for flexibility.